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Sci Fi Monkeys

In February of this year I had a rather strange email sent to me.

It was from someone at the television show "Orphan Black", a very popular sci-fi television show.  It seemed the the creator of the show had purchased this monkey from me several years ago, and wanted to know if he could use it in the series finale as a (spoiler alert) baby gift!

Funnily enough, I remembered him.  There are certain monkeys that I DO actually remember who purchased them.  I remember we chatted a little about this being a very smart monkey.

Anyways, I happened to be in TO for work and so was privileged enough to get to hand deliver a second monkey to them for the show (this one in fact)

Although I only spent a couple hours on set, I did get to watch a scene get filmed - AND got loaded up with Gum.  (no, this is true, they guy giving me the tour kept trying to feed me)

Cut to this past weekend, and I sat down to watch the episode with Ren, thinking that we may catch a peek at said monkeys....

Imagine my surprise when not only was in to screen several times, that also SPOKE about it in the show!

"Aw, it's a colourful monkey"
"Hey look!  It has the periodic tables on it!"


There's my name!

Pretty awesome need to a pretty great series I think.

By the way - here is what Entertainment Weekly said in their finale recap!

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