Thursday, September 25, 2014

It doesn't matter WHERE you are this weekend!

That's right...there are craft shows going on ALL OVER CANADA - From Nanimo to Gatineau to Charlottetown, Etsy (an online crafty site) is sponsoring a show.  A CANADA WIDE CRAFT SHOW!!!!  How cool is that???? And I get to be part of it!  (Not in Nanimo, Gatineau or Charlottetown...but Ottawa)  Check out this l'il film about the Canada Wide event!

Handmade Harvest presents Etsy: Made in Canada

Saturday September 27th, 2014 . 9am to 4pm

Bell Sensplex . 1565 Maple Grove Road . Kanata ON
Admission: $6
Parking & Kids under 16: FREE

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