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It doesn't matter WHERE you are this weekend!

That's right...there are craft shows going on ALL OVER CANADA - From Nanimo to Gatineau to Charlottetown, Etsy (an online crafty site) is sponsoring a show.  A CANADA WIDE CRAFT SHOW!!!!  How cool is that???? And I get to be part of it!  (Not in Nanimo, Gatineau or Charlottetown...but Ottawa)  Check out this l'il film about the Canada Wide event!

Handmade Harvest presents Etsy: Made in Canada

Saturday September 27th, 2014 . 9am to 4pm

Bell Sensplex . 1565 Maple Grove Road . Kanata ON
Admission: $6
Parking & Kids under 16: FREE

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The Countdown begins...

That's right, I have not one but TWO craft shows coming up on the SAME weekend in TWO different cities?  How will I do it?  Magic.

But on with the two Saturdays Meeka's Creations will be sold at the Queen West Arts Crawl in Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto AND at the Montreal Comic Con.

It will be Epic.....

Find me under the big green star in Toronto!!!