Saturday, September 28, 2013

I hate Ham, but love Target

I hate ham.  
No really....hate it.
I hate the smell, the taste, and the look (why is it so slimy?)
It is the one food that if I go to your house and you serve it, I can't be polite and eat it.  I am sorry.

Anyways.  I love Target!  It has taken me a week (stoopid broken leg) to get to the one that just opened in Ottawa but last night I made it. (OMGILOVEIT)  Some things are more expensive in Canada (ie socks) but I still managed to walk out of there with lots of stuff ...some of which I actually needed!  (eggs...I needed the eggs!)

Fast forward to Meeka checking out the socks, (why is the men's section better?) and I saw these socks.

I literally laughed out loud.

I actually couldn't help purchasing a pair because of the ironic-ness.  I  do apologize but I am probably going to have to have to charge more for these guys due to pain and suffering.  However, they will go quite nicely with the bacon socks I also have.

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