Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Days to Comic Con

...and I am sewing like mad.  There was a slight glitch today when my Sewing Machine decided that it had been overworked and went on strike.  After a mild heart attack and a few bad words I called a friend and was able to get a replacement until mine can be taken in.  (Mr Sewing Machine...this was NOT a good time for this, Meeka has one Comic Con and two craft shows to prepare for.)

In the mean time...let's feature one of the guys that will be at my table shall we?

What is the first word in Comic Con?  (Actually in this case it is technically Ottawa....but I digress) The magic word we were looking for is COMIC!!!  I was So excited to find these awesome Comic inspired socks - they work PERFECTLY for monkeys and look something out of a Lichtenstein painting.


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