Monday, December 3, 2012

Onesies, Twosies....

As I said before, every year I try and add something new to my table during the Holiday Season.  Some become popular, (like the elephants), and some, once sold out are gone...(like the necklaces)
This year it was silk screening.  I went with a simple design for my first try, and I am quite happy.
I think this summer I will try and complicate it a little more by adding a couple extra colours to a new monkey design.....This means that once this design is sold out, there will be no more.

(I gotta keep it fresh yo.....)

I am very happy to say that I have been sent a couple of action shots of these being worn....

I can't handle these super models...they are so cute....and they WILL get out of bed for less the $10 000/day.

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adult onesies said...

Looks like the kid is actually and very much enjoying the onesie. I would too if it looked that good. The thing about these onesies is that they are probably one of the most comfortable thing to wear in the world, and it also helps that they are cheap.