Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Warm Fuzzies and crafting Parties!

This past weekend I had my first ever craft show in Barrie.  I am originally FROM Barrie and have wanted to show there for a while.  Sure I wanted to sell lots of stuff but more then that I wanted to see people I hadn't seen in the....um....2 (?) years since I graduated high school.  Okay...it is 2 plus a few more....but I digress...
This craft show was different then what I am used to, but I still did very well.  In fact I could almost say that I did TOO well as I am down to 4 little monkeys left.  

I guess that would make it the second worse problem.....the first being not selling at all.

I had lots of visitors from the past, many of them I hadn't seen since highschool  (again...only a few years back)

I must admit I felt all warm and fuzzy when someone who had lived just up the street stopped by to pick up a monkey (or two).  It took a moment to recognize him I admit but later he told me that his wife had found me on line and pointed me out to him.  Knowing that I have a not so common name, he put two and two together and there we go!  A brave guy....not many men I know go to craft shows on their own and live to tell about it!.  So thank you B for making my morning!

I received my FIRST EVER fan art!  My friend from high school brought her family and her daughter immediately thrust a piece of paper in my hand.  I know that technically this is the back, but my Vanity is winning out and I want to show this side because it says how much I rock....


She and her brother were spoiled by her parents and they each went home with a couple of my dudes.  N sent me pictures of Miss G's new friend Violet not only MEETING SANTA but also snuggling down for a sleep later in the night!

TOTALLY love that...it makes me feel a warm and fuzzy inside.

Like I said, I did very well at the show and instead of getting to go home and relax...I went home to STUFF.  Actually I MAY have sweet talked some suckers....er...I mean...friends into helping fill some monkeys with guts so I could concentrate on the sewing part.  

Thank you ladies...you certainly helped save me some time!

I am now down to the last 4 monkeys, only a couple painted creatures and limited little monsters.  This will mean a very interesting waiting in line for Twilight ...oh well...free advertising right?

Thank you to everyone who came out to say hello..you really meant a lot to me for doing so...and I Hope you all enjoy your new friends!!!

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