Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wait...More craft shows?


And I am sewing like mad for all of you.  This past weekend I sold out of all my Christmas Tree decorations and so tonight I spent a Pathfinder Meeting sewing up a storm!

Ren says he misses me.

I miss him too.  But her certainly was lovely when he helped me stuff monkeys one day!

Good on him.

Anyways, why I am I doing all this?  Because this weekend I have TWO more craft shows...in TWO DIFFERENT CITIES!!!  I know...crazy.... But at least my friend is travelling with me on the one where I leave Ottawa.  This way I am sure the travel will not be as long!

SO....This Saturday is a School Sale.  Although I don't have any kids at this school, I feel like because all my Scouts went there, it is like it is mine.

Stay tuned for Sunday's show!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great to meet you at Churchill today! I love your crafts...original and beautiful. Thanks for coming to our special school today! ;-)