Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Handmade Harvest!

This Saturday if you are anywhere near the Ottawa vicinity I HIGHLY recommend you check out this show.
These ladies know their craft shows.
The first time I ever did the show was actually last Christmas one week after my Knee Replacement.  (Hardcore I know)  I admit that since Ladyfest left Ottawa I had been looking for something to fill the void...and this turns out to be it.
If you are one of the first 50 people you get a free gift bag.  And not like a gift bag with some flyer's in it, a gift bag with actual cool SWAG in it.  Some Handmade Harvest bucks that you can spend at the sale, discounts to vendors and even some actual handmade goodies!  I myself submitted some buttons and a business card.  If you rock the button and show me the card you get $5 off any purchase $20 or over!  I warn you though...come early....the show opens at 10 and I have seen people there at 7:30!
yea...this was in the spring at around 930.

Anyways....please come by this Saturday to the Almonte Old Town Hall (14 Bridge Street) and check it out.  If you can't come on Saturday...come Sunday!  There is a whole new set of vendors on that day too!!!  (er....but not me....)

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