Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pink Monkey.

 One of my favourite things about Crafts shows is the people you meet, especially when one sits beside them alllllllll day.  Last holiday season I had a table beside a lovely woman from Sweden who was selling delightful tree decorations. We ended up chatting the entire craft show and became instant friends.  Not long ago she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and under went a mastectomy.  She is presently going through Chemo.  She is a tough woman and seems to not be letting this horrible disease get her down.  Laughter is the best medicine right?
Anyways, I wanted to do something for her, and when I saw these Breast Cancer socks I knew that a monkey was the way to go.  Firstly, the money would go to help with Breast Cancer, but also I figured that this guy would be a fun friend to take along with her to her Chemo Treatments.

Good luck B.....Can't wait to have you back on the crafting circuit!!!

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