Sunday, September 2, 2012

Massive Update.

I know that for the most part you are thinking about going back to school or if you are a really big planner, perhaps it is more about Thanksgiving....but I am thinking about Christmas.  
No really.
November/December comes surprisingly quickly in the crafting world.  This of course means lots of holiday shows and letters from Santa asking me to hook him up with monkeys.  (No it's true....Santa and I are tight.)

And so my evenings are devoted to sewing...this year of course there will be the usual monkeys and elephants, but I think that I might be dusting off some old favourites that haven't been around in a aardvarks and ponys!!

So here we go:

 I think this guy is in his underwear.

What?  An orange elephant?


Little guys...

Little guys.

Painted Monster.

Little guys.




1 comment:

LimeRiot said...

Looks like some great inventory!! I want to see those aardvarks :).