Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm a Winner.

My radio station of choice here in Ottawa is Live 88.5.  They of course had me by playing lots of Death Cab when they first went on air.

Last month during the Hockey Trade Deadline they had their own trade going on.  They had Ottawa Senators tickets to trade...for something.  I offered up my sockmonkeys.  I was particularely excited to make a monkey version of Chelsea due to her tattoos.  Sockmonkeys look awesome with tattoos.

I woke up one morning to the radio yelling "Meeka! ANSWER YOUR PHONE"  Now for me to hear my name yelled out is weird, what with having the name Meeka, but to hear it come from the radio at 7:10 in the morning...well that is even weirder.

Needless to say I obviously called them back where upon they offered me tickets in exchange for 5 monkeys...3 for the morning crew...and 2 for 2 of the other hosts.  It worked for me...out of all the DJ's, those 5 were the ones that I listened to the most.  The morning crew I feel are like my BFF's with out them actually knowing who I am.

And so, with out further are the monkeys...



Michael (the techie guy)

I loved doing the tattoos...though I had no idea how to do a pin-up girl...on a tiny sock she became a heart with a ribbon.

He was the one that actually scared me the most to make...but I think is one of my favourites.  Why was he so scary?  Because I had no idea how to make a little hoodie for him.  But then it came to me...and I made it out of socks. 
Stay tuned...I predict that there will be a lot of Sockmonkeys with hoodie's because of Andrew Elliot.

a BIG bushy beard.

Now the radio station has started giving out iPad 3's.  Ren and I have been listening to 88.5 preeetty much all day everyday.  So far no win.

Dear Live 88.5....I woulda made you more sockmonkeys had I known I could have held out for an iPad.

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LimeRiot said...

That is so exciting!! Your creations are awesome. I'm sure the hosts will love them.