Monday, January 2, 2012

Monkey Skins.

This Christmas I got socks.  Now,  I am sure most people wouldn't be that excited for socks...but not everyone makes sock monkeys in their spare time.  
I got several socks for Christmas.  
No, wait....I got a PLETHORA of socks for Christmas....a gaggle, a murder, a pod, whatever over 50 pairs of socks are called. sock friends have similar writing to my Dad.

Apparently, my "sock friends" were in California on Grey Saturday(or whatever one would call the day after Black Friday is) and hung out at Target and the 99 cent store. They then filled their suitcase with over 50 pairs of socks, stuffed them in a giant red sack and put them under the tree.

Can't wait to see all the monkeys and octopi and meece and dinosaurs that come out of these.

1 comment:

LimeRiot said...

Sock score!! That was very sweet of your monkey friends :).

Your monkey friend... has such nice handwriting too!