Friday, January 6, 2012

Father Monkey

My Dad asked for a monkey for Christmas and I was only too happy to oblige.  Since my father has a 'stashe, I knew this monkey needed one too.  (...the ACTUAL colour of his mustache may be slightly...erm...darker then my Dad's but I think this one looks quite dashing)
My Dad is known for wearing Hawaiian shirts in the summer...(he and Ren have that in common) so despite the fact that I had never made a tiny monkey shirt, I decided now was the time.  I had purchased this fabric from IKEA in Freiburg, Germany and felt that this was the time to break it out.  
The lobster on the back is a little nod to Ren and his maritime-y goodness.
While I am happy how this shirt turned out, I am not sure that I will give up my day job and become a men's tailor. 

I think that he looks a little like Tom Selleck.

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