Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keychains and Necklaces

My dad and mum were nice enough to pick up some more flat rocks for me when they were in Newfoundland.  These are the perfect rocks to make necklaces and keychains.  These are always in limited supply and I can never tell people when I will have them in stock...but right now...I have some....for a short time....!
My dad solved an issue by hooking me up with some small wood pieces that make for lighter necklaces and keychains for those who prefer it.


LimeRiot said...

AHHH! These are so adorable!! How in the world do you get that perfect hole through the rock??

You are such a talent. All of your creatures make me smile.

titaniumgrrl said...

Thank you!
The secret to the perfect hole in a to have a father who is a jeweler and has all the awesome tools needed!!!