Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starmen...they are so hot right now.

Yesterday I had the Churchill Alternative craft show.  It was the 3rd time that I have attended it, and it really is one of my favourite ones of the Holiday season.  Why?  Because the kids are SO involved in it.  They even have their own section of the gym where they get to sell what THEY have made.  They are also scattered through out the halls, selling backed goods as well as goods for charity.  THey are quick to help with anything you might need and save up their money to do their own holiday shopping.  It is at a point now where most of them know me, either through Scouts or the fact that I have attended for a few years.
One girl showed up carrying a monkey she had purchased from last year, to show me that she had made clothes for him...and promptly purchased and elephant  for herself so the monkey could have a friend.  She then became disappointed as she realized that she had drawn a picture of the sock monkey for me, but had forgotten it at home.  (aw)
This year, I of course hobbled in on my cane (stooped knee) and had about 5 girls swarm me, offering to help me set up...which they did, They chose which monkeys were to be set out, and purposely hid the ones they wanted to buy at the bottom of my bag.
They then snatched up most of my "starmen".  The ones that didn't sell, they went and grabbed their friends and prompted THEM to buy all the stamen could remain friends.  20 minutes into the show...alll these little guys where gone!

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