Monday, May 30, 2011

I had Fans

Yup...At the Raven's Wing Zine and Craft Fair this past Sunday there were two lovely young ladies wandering around the Park with their sketch pad in hand.  (something I remember doing at their age)
I'm not going to took them about 4 times walking past me before I realized that they were twins.  The first came up and purchased a little monster from me.  Then, about 20 minutes later she came back to get another one.  I heard a mention about the sister and so assumed she was buying one for her sibling.
Nope...she was the sibling.  Didn't realize until I saw them both together.
ANYWAYS...they were celebrating their talents by offering up sketches...  They both did their rendition of me holding a monkey as well as some of my monsters.

Keep an eye out for these ladies...when they are older they want to open a Bakery called "Starving Artists"  Pretty awesome name I say!

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