Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grr Arrrghh

I have been making a lot of Hoops for craft swaps lately and have really enjoyed doing so.  So I decided that it might be fun to start making some of my monsters into some embroidered creations...I know that I would totally hang one of these in my kid's nursery.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Meeka is Knotty

No it is true.

Some of you may recall that I am a Scout leader. No, no, I don't have kids, I do it for fun.  I had so much fun in Girl Guides that when a Scout Troop needed a female leader 5 years ago...well, I stepped up!

Anyways, my Uncle is also a Cub leader, and recently earned his Wood Badge II, a level in Scouting that leaders earn as part of training.  It isn't the easiest thing to get, so when one does, it is a pretty big deal.  One of the things is is that you are to get a new "Woggle" which is a thing to hold the neckerchief around your neck.  The thing is, you can't make it yourself, someone needs to give it to you.

So, I am going to surprise him with one.

It took a while to learn this Turk's Head knot but I did and now...well totally rock at it..I kinda wish I had known how to do it when I was arts and craft's instructor at Taylor Statten Camps, we would have been rocking some awesome bracelets!

My dad made the little thistle piece.  It is thelogo from his dad's (my grampa) architectural logo which I thought would compliment his Stuart tartain necker.  (fft...I get plain Red and he gets an awesome tartain? Maybe I should join HIS pack!!!)



Look!  They come in Blue too!!!

L'il Dudes

11 Questions

I am often asked questions at Craft Shows, on application forms, and just in general concerning my monsters, monkeys and other such toys.  So here we go....!

1.  Why Sock monkeys?

My entire life I have loved monkeys.  While most girls my age had posters of Kirk Cameron on their wall...I had Monkeys.  (and Batman) I desperately wanted a sock monkey but could never find I made one.   Then I made my friend one....then another friend one...and so on and so on.  People would often tell me to sell them but at that time I didn't have a sewing machine so I made them by wasn't until one Christmas when my parents got me the best gift ever...(said sewing machine) that I was able to make more then one a day!

2.  Are the socks new?

Ew yes.  I am allllll for recycling but...well....I don't want to play with dirty socks.  If you have a special pair of socks that you want made into a sock monkey that is old, then I will do it...I just won't sell old socked monkeys.  (erm...That being said, I do have special place in my heart for up cycled toys made of old sweaters and such...just well...socks...naw.)

3.  I have a ton of socks that have their partners missing...would you like them?

Thank you for offering, but no thank you.  I don't like using used socks.  However, you can always use them for stuffing some of your own toys!  Just cut them up and use them instead of polyfil!

4.  Why did you start painting monsters?

I earned my BFA in printmaking with a minor in painting and photography.  I missed doing my fine arts stuff so began painting monsters (which are my favourite things to doodle) on canvas...then thought...that would be a cool pillow!  The rest is history!

5.  How long does it take to make a monkey?

I actually don't know for sure...I think about an hour start to finish...  I tend to sew a whole bunch of stuff on the sewing machine, put them in individual baggies then chilax in front of the TV and hand sew the pieces together.  It has gotten to the point that it is impossible for me to not be doing something while watching.

6.  What is your favourite thing to make.

I don't know.  I like the designing of monsters, but I really find making monkeys relaxing.  That being said, I LOVE coming up with brand new ideas.

7.  Do you ever get attached to your toys.

Oh yes...sometimes I don't want to see them go...but I tell myself that they are going to new fun homes.

8.  Can we have a sneak peek of what is to come in the future?

I hope to start to get into silk screening...I haven't done it since Uni, so I am going to take a course to remind me...but out!  Monkey tees!

9.  Would you like to go mainstream with your toys?

I would never say no to this.  I think it would be awesome to go into a store and see my little dudes on a shelf.  That being said, I would never want to lose the hand made quality they have now.  The closest toys that I have seen that still have the "handmade-ness" that I like would be Monster Factory (go Canada!) or Ugly Dolls

10.  Who are your influences?

My Mum taught me to sew, my Dad has influenced me with his creativity all my life, and well...Tim Burton is just epic.

11.  A lot of your toys are orange...what's the deal?

Orange rules.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Did anyone else read Ramona Quimby books when they were little?  I used to read them over and over favourite was always "Ramona Quimby age 8" because that was the one she threw up in...and well...when you are little...barf is funny.
ANYWAYS, as you know I am part of Craftster...a site where you craft and trade with people all over the world.  This month I traded with a girl from Toronto...we had to make diptych embroidered hoops.  My partner loved I hooked her up with these...using the illustrations from the books that I remember as a kid!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

First craft show of 2011!

...For me anyways...

What are you doing this Saturday?  ( Ottawa)

Watching TV?
Cleaning your house?
Going to see Justin Bieber in 3D?
Going to get Bubble Tea?

If you are doing the last one, then you will be right near a Charity Craft Show that I will be involved in at the Bronson Centre...on Bronson.

Also, if you are doing the last thing...I like Taro Sherbet with Lychee Jellies please.

So please come out to the

Bronson Centre - Mac Hall
211 Bronson Street.


It seems that I have a fan!!!

I am so excited!

Apparently a certain 4 year old German lad has taken to making his version of my monsters out of little plastic tubes which you melt with an iron!

It is making my heart melt a little...and I don't even need an iron!

Fairy Sockmonkey-mother


Sock Monsters

Painted Monsters

Wee Monsters

There is a craft show this weekend, which of course means that I am sewing like mad.

This post....MONSTERS!

It's time to pay it forward again...

This time with a Gnome!

This little dude is heading out west to an animator.  He hopes that she won't judge him due to his pink hat and hopes that he can model for all her photo ops!