Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hmm...I never did post everything I made for the previous craft show...

So how about I show it now?

First off...let's go with the sockmonkeys..

I loved this was so soft a squishy...surprisingly it went to a 30 year-old mans home who just couldn't let go of it.

Is there anything better then a Senator Sock monkey?

I did a sockmonkey swap online...and this was the one that I sent out.  I miss her...she was pretty fun..

I love the Socktopus's (socktopi?)  I absolutely hate making them...but the end result is pretty awesome...(if you are into shifty-eyed sea creatures....)  That is why there aren't usually a lot for sale and shows and on etsy....

Elephants...I only just began to make Sock Elephants in December, but since them they have been quite popular.  I guarantee that I will have at least 10 for each craft show...I can not however guarantee that they will be there an hour later...these things seem to go quite quickly!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Stuff about Tarts N' Crafts

I was interviewed by The Ottawa Children's Craft Examiner who was covering artisan's selling Children's crafts...which of course I do....Children...and Children at heart.
I hope to later this week post some new toys that will be selling at my table at this years Tarts N' stay tuned.