Saturday, February 27, 2010


Someone bought a rock from my shop so that she could make it into a keychain.  I thought that it was a pretty neat idea....and a month are 20 new keychains ready for my shop!
The keyring is pretty is simply a ball that you screw in and it holds your keys firmly in place.  PLUS...the monsters can guard them!!!


Ah first (and hopefully not my last - though it took a lot of work...) UNICORN!!! and it is ORANGE!!! and it's horn is SPARKLY!!!


More toys? but of course.....

I have become quite addicted to making elephants.  They have been quite popular as commissions, hopefully they will be JUST as popular in my store!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Toys

I will be involved in a 2 craft shows this spring and so must replenish my stock....
Here are some more goodies!
This one is "Sockbama"   made with little democratic socks that I found on Ebay.

In the winter I made a veteran monkey that was immediately snatched up by someone who worked for Veteran affairs here in Ottawa.  She then commissioned me to do another one for someone else that she worked with.  And so without further is Stuart.  He drives a tank, though sometimes gets lost when traveling across Europe.  In his defense...he is in a giant tank.  I am not sure that he had GPS during WW11

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Crafting

I will be involved in a craft show in the Market in Ottawa, more details will follow but in the mean time I need to replenish some of my stock!

I have been experimenting with different felt foods, most specifically sushi.  For fun I piled them all together as though I was going to feast on my own Bento Box!

This little Ele"FUN"t was a commission by my cousin for his girlfriend.  I hope she likes him!!!

This poor little ele"fun"t has such a long trunk that he can't actually stand on front legs.