Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes you CAN cheer for Two teams.

I am an Ottawa Senators fan.....through and through.  IF however they aren't playing, or are out of the playoffs....I will change to ANOTHER team...that being the Montreal Canadiens.

So that is why I respect this monkey...

He is going to a little fellow ...whose Mother was born in Vancouver...whose sister was born in Vancouver...and who infact was born in Vancouver.  A Vancouver Canucks fan through and through.
His father however,  was born and raised in Michigan.  Therefore making this little boy half a Detroit Red Wings fan...

Don't worry is okay to cheer for two teams.

But I gotta tell you...I have lived in both Vancouver AND Detroit's neighbour to the south (Windsor) and if I am going to cheer for one of them....I will cheer for your pants....(sorry Janet)

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