Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oooh! More Updates.

Yes, this makes two in a row....I need to stop forgetting to update this blog and put more into it so it is a little more interesting for readers.

I am currently taking part in an interesting project for Winterlude here in Ottawa. 

The Winterlude Urban Cozy Project, presented by Spins & Needles, will remix warmth, cold, art, craft, music and the city. We're inviting artists and the public from near and far to create a warm and whimsical urban environment during Winterlude in Canada's capital city by adding various warm coverings, or cozies, wrapped around trees, lampposts, and other urban elements on festival grounds. The intervention also seeks to play with traditional images and conceptions associated with a country known around the world for it's cold weather climate.

It is fun playing with random knitting and leftover textiles that I have that are too small for monsters but when sewed together will keep the trees warm and colourful!  If anyone is interested in coming to participate in a knitting day at my house, please let me know! Also, if anyone NOT in Ottawa is interested in participating, I can send you the address where you can send things if you would like to participate...or you can check out:

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