Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Update!!!

I had a hard time giving up sewing a million toys like I was doing in December...and literally can't watch TV with out doing something at the same time...

And so I continue to sew.

I joined a couple years ago and love it.  It is making me experiment with my craftyness...for example this:

Honestly...I had never heard of Dotees...but now am addicted to them.  Those dollys up there have been shipped to LITERALLY the four corners of the Continental USA.  But they were so much fun I decided that they would look pretty cool on a Christmas Trees...and made more...

But, no worries....I still do my old stuff....

I also got my hands on some new rocks.  A neighbour growing up went to New Zealand and picked me up some GIANT flat rocks.  I have painted some and they are now waiting for me to go to my Parents house to get drilled.
Stay will soon be able to get key chains in my etsy shop!

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