Monday, May 11, 2009


I haven't posted in forever and a day...but the good news is that now I have tonnes to post!  I have been playing on and doing many many swaps so you will see some new kind of crafts on here!

Ahhh....quilty...My very first quilt EVER...not bad....I made it for a swap.

Teeny Tiny Stacking doll pin!

I made a "stacking doll" for the "Make me a doll swap"  It was a unique challenge to made her stack...but I put a zipper up the back and stuck a tiny doll in the back!

I have started a new line...of babushka dolls!!

This was made for a "Crafty Detective Swap" It is of course...a pin cushion.

This one was for the "Unique name Swap" I sewed a million buttons onto a took a while.

This is a pillow made for the "unique name swap"  It was for a little person so I figured this might be good for her dollies!