Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Craft Show

I did my first craft show in Montreal this weekend and did okay. I think that this weekend will be better in Manotick.
I DID however get some of my stuff put into a store called Honey Flower. ( ) She sells fantastic soaps and bath bombs and such. I'm actually mad at myself because I had meant to buy some lippy from her!!!


This was a comission to make a Lord of the Rings Monkey...

Enviro Sacks.

I know that I myself NEVER use plastic bags. To the point that I had to go buy some for the craft shows as I didn't have any!
So I decided to make some monster sacks to carry books, clothes what have you. NOT WASHING MACHINE SAFE....but you could do light surface cleaning. I wouldn't recommend throwing them in a mud puddle. Monsters don't like mud.

Soctor Who - Tom Baker is the next one in the "Socktor Who" line. I think that I need to move on and try some other of the Dr's.....