Monday, July 21, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

teeny weeny sockmonster

He is so small...but has a really big big that it is 3-D!!!

Refelex Monster is another one...but this one has a bell!!!

Thus making him totally different from the others...heheheh

Sock Monster

This little guy is another Reflexology Sockmonster.

I made him a little different by giving him 2 The Doctor.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sock Monkey

THis guy is made from some Reflexology Socks that I quite enjoy. I love how the intestines work out to me on the right spot!!!

Sushi Monster


I always use new material when I make something.

This however is the one time I didn't. This pillow monster is made out of a sweater that I wore twice and decided that I didn't actually like. I held onto it for about a year and then finally just made this guy from it!

Sushi Monster - Bluge

I know I know...I tend to make a lot of Sushi Monsters.

But the socks are SOOOOOOO cute!!!

Sock Cow

This was my first attempt at making a sock cow....who has even HEARD of a sock cow?
It was commissioned by my aunt to make this for someone who was graduating Vet College large animals.
It is surprisingly hard to find cow sock material when you need it. I had to finally order them from

Josie the Aardvark

This little (or rather tall) gal was made out of a pair of tights. Yes....ONE pair.
Who on earth would wear these tights???!!

Cheeta Cheeta Pumpkin Eata

Often when I make something I have left over scraps and I never have the heart to throw them away...This is a case in point.

I had made an Aardvark out of a pair of tights and this was the crotch...I figured that it might be a neat pillow.