Thursday, June 12, 2008


Welch is made out of leftover bits of "muscle socks"
No they are for wrestlers or anything...they actually have the muscle groups on it....

Sushi monsters.

These are 2 sushi monsters...made from a single pair of socks!

Pretty cool huh


Watch out sushi!!!

There is a shrimp on your back!!!!


Why is Rupert screaming?

I have no idea.


IN my recent addiction to sport socks I decided that it would be cute to make an octopus sporting these cute little numbers.
This was a great idea......until you remember the whole 8 legs thing.


Peter is a very happy little fellow.

Especially considering you can see his intestines on his head.


Panik was my 2nd attempt at making a sock dog. I find that their faces are quite endearing.


Moo was done using leftovers that I had from making a sock cow (soon to be posted) and I really like him....I think that he has elements of a chicken in him while still maintaining cow like qualities.


Ludwig is also a music junkie but more in a classical sense


Jamie is a music buff, but in particular he really enjoys the lost art of Mix Tapes.

As you can see


Jacques should not be confused with Haras. They do come from the same you can see from the fur, but as you can ALSO see...he is blue.


Haras is a fuzzie little monster who occasional enjoys playing dress up and wearing weird wigs when her friend comes around.


This horse was named after my friend from when I was in grade 3...she has always been a horse girl.

This horse though is covered in unicorns!!! How great is that!!!!!????

I'm sure that many horses dream of one day becoming a unicorn


Hmmm....who was this named after....I wonder.

I had to! I love sushi, I love orange and I love Mr Depp. It only made sense that that is what I name him!!


Dave is a shy little fellow that likes to hide in dark corners. Really....I barely notice that he is there!!!


Cousin is made from FABULOUS socks that I found that is covered in Unicorns.
This is actually the leftovers from making a horse out of the same material.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Chubbs is another sushi monster...
So much so that he likes to carry around sushi all the time...


Charlie is a fun little rainbow monkey.
He is made from nylon like socks that are COMPLETELY different on the other side...The front is the yellow shade all the way to the red colour...
The other side is shades of purple and blue...


Bluge is a sushi monster that kinda looks a little like he is in
a sushi induced coma....something that I know quite well!!

lots to update!!!!

I have been working like mad to update my etsy here are some of my creations!!!

Bea is created from some socks that I got on is very very soft and squishy...I kinda wish that I had ordered some more socks like this!