Sunday, March 16, 2008

Socktor Who!!!


He is tiny, but still loves his Sushi!!


This little guy was made for my Godbaby for her 2nd birthday!!!


Raymond the Sushi named for his skin


This guy is sooooooo soft....he is cashemere-ey


This guy is made from socks that I bought at Heathrow airport on my way back from England.
I figure he enjoys a lot of yorkshire puddings!


This little guy was sold to a lady in the states for her Daughter!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

For My Nephew

This little guy was made for my Nephew for Easter.  He lives faaaaaar way in Whitehorse....

Don't worry, the buttons are all extra securely sewed on so he wont eat 'em.

Petit Socktopus

My socktopus was so much fun to make that I had to make another one....This time with kids socks so he is a little smaller....
But don't worry...he still has suckies....