Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ron (aka the Hunchback of Peterborough Cathedral) is a little guy measuring about 4 inches tall.

He is the guy that puts the pomegranates on Katherine of Aragon's takes a lot of work as he is about as tall as a pomegranate.

I really like this guy, he is the first one that I made and I think that more will follow!!!

Spotted Dick

This little guy is about 5 inches tall and is so soft a squishy that that is all you will want to do!!

He's a little shy and tends to hide in corners when you aren't looking!

Drew the Socktopus

He likes to look slyly at you through is judging eyes....he judges you...yes he does....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tanis the Pirate Monster

Monsters aaaarrrrrr cool...and so aaaarrrrr these socks.

C' know that was funny.

Oli the Underground Monster


I bought them in England and I think that they are fabulous. This guy only took one sock so I still have one more to do something with .... 

I figure that this guy travels the underground but is constantly getting he tattooed it on his body...

Richard the Monkey

This guy is made of some of my favourite fabric that I won off of ebay....

But other news...take a look at those monkey teeth!

Ren the monkey

This is just a little monkey guy ....i have no idea where his arms are...nor his tail

aardvark cont....

awww a really cute picture of the aardvark...


This Guy was a commission from a girl in London...I absolutely love the socks...


This little guy I made for my friend in England...he is covered in mixtapes...which is AWESOME!