Saturday, January 26, 2008


This guy was made to honor the new Rambo move that is coming out....

Long Tall Sally


This young lady is quite tall (hence her name)  It think that my favourite part is her little socks....hehehehe

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Daphne the Sushi Monster

This guy (or gal as it were) was created out of a pair of socks that I ordered from SOCKDREAMS.COM.  Its a fabulous, but dangerous store.
I named her after my friend Daphne....hopefully she doesn't mind....

Pocket Monster

This little guy is pretty tiny...I just started knitting and this came out...what is it?  no idea.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I named this guy "Chilly" because of the socks and his little blue heart!
After all....even sock creatures sometimes need socks.


THe Purple Aardvark is the 1st aardvark that I made.  He is made out of children's knee socks so he is a lot smaller then the green duder.

I named him Tennant after David Tennant...of Dr. Who fame.

Aardvarks and Monsters

This is an Aardvark and a Monster that I created for my friends that live in England for Christmas. 
 The Aardvark (which is what I decided he was) was inspired by some Christmas window displays that were in Paris when my dad was there.  He is VERY VERY tall...(he is 2 knee socks high)
The Monster was made for Sarah because after I found those socks I knew that they could only go to one person.  Her wedding gown had cherries on it as well!!

Sock Monster

And ANOTHER little sock dude.

This one I made for my friend Jen.

Sock Monster

A little baby sockmonster.
Don't worry....he wont bite.

I don't think.

Sock Monster

This is a little duder that I made for our Co-op student who is traveling to Ireland soon.  She also was quite amazing and saved my life often.


This is all the sockmonkeys that I made for people for Christmas.

Sock monkey

This one was made for the AWESOME receptionist at my studio....I would be a lot harder with out her....
This one was made for my friends little girl when she was is soooooooooo soft.


This guy was made for my friend Ray...He had bought me these socks almost a year ago in Montreal and I finally gave it to him for Christmas.
He was the one that named him Lippy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


And so we begin....this is a site devoted to only my creations....
First is where I create:
Its messy...I know, but its kinda

So lets get on with the are some of my creations: